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At the Pond

Yesterday was one of those perfect summer days of clear blue skies, a gentle warm breeze, and low humidity. So that after lunch my partner said, let’s go to the aquarium … specifically, to the wetland area. We had a two for one entry pass held over because of the pandemic and lockdown. And, well, my partner thought it would be fun to go for a walk and some fresh air.

And, you know what, they were right. We pretty much stayed away from the small number of people that were allowed in. Plus we didn’t go in any of the buildings (for obvious reasons) and kept to ourselves where possible.

All in all, we had fun and we saw some Green Frogs as well. Bonus, right? Anyway, I’m glad we went yesterday as, today, it’s been a lot of rain, thunder down in the valley, and the humidity is up there, again! Lucky us.


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