Alexandra's Notebook


No, not mine. But it is a busy birthday week here, nonetheless, for North America. We had Canada's birthday on Monday (happy Canada Day, again). And today? Well, it's Quebec City's birthday. The city is 416 years old! (We celebrated it's 400th birthday in 2008 with a gigantic free concert by the one and only, Celine Dion, here on the Plains of Abraham. Yes, I went.)

Then, of course, the third birthday completing the North American triptych is that of the United States, tomorrow, July 4th!

That's a lot of major birthdays for one week, and a lot of great fireworks too (as long as you're not a pet that is).

So, this afternoon, camera in hand, I'll be off to take photos of some of Quebec City's celebrations. Meanwhile, to all my American readers and new found friends, have a great 4th of July celebrations, tomorrow. Stay safe, look after those pets, and don't over do it on the hot dogs and fireworks.

Thanks for reading, Alex


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