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Well, it doesn’t take a genius to realise I haven’t been here, blogging much lately, as I haven’t actually been reading all that much. And the books I have read this last month have taken me an age to get through. But that’s more to do with me and my current mood/state of mind, rather than anything to do with the books.

But then, I’m sure I’m not alone in this book-lull. Fellow book bloggers seemed to fall into two categories at the moment, those who are reading/listening more (great distraction to daily life) and those, like me, who are needing a different kind of distraction.

Meanwhile, me and mine have both had our booster shot and are now considered fully vaccinated. And, so far, we’ve all managed to avoid catching Covid. That said, however, my nephew caught it late last week from his girlfriend who doesn’t know where she got it. Neither have been going anywhere. But, thankfully, because both are double-vaxxed, neither has been really sick. That is to say, both have been bed ridden and full of it, as if having flu: high temps, headaches, general malaise and aching joints. Sneezing, a sore raspy throat and nausea. As it’s been over 5 days I’m hoping we hear tonight that they’re both well on the mend.

And you? Hope everyone’s hanging in there and managing to avoid the worst covid has to offer.

Take care, stay safe, and remember to tell those you care about that you love them.

5 thoughts on “Blogging Update

    1. We got news last night that they’re both doing okay, as best as can be expected at least. So I hope that means they are both over the worst. And thank you, Sophie, I hope your son is still covid free.

  1. Glad you’re writing!!! Very sorry about your nephew and his girlfriend, even if it’s only flu-like symptoms. The flu is awful on its own!

    1. Aww, thanks, Jo. I’m finding it’s keeping me out of mischief. Yeah, even the flu can be hard to get through, but we heard last night they’re heading in the right direction. Just a few more days isolation and hopefully they’ll be over the worst.

  2. I hear you on the reading/ blogging blues — had the worst possible spell for the greater part of last year. I find that reading the classics or Poirot stuff helps a lot, so I use those as escape routes. Take your time and let the mojo return at its own pace.

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