Book Haul

Well, not quite a haul, as I only bought exactly 2 books. But still, these are the first two books I’ve bought in, well, a long time. Months in fact. And yes, while I am still reading—working my way slowly through all the books stacked on my coffee table—I’m no longer stressing about posting reviews for books that I sort of liked (or simply just enjoyed) only to have no one read the review.

And the two books I bought?

Looking forward to jumping into All the Queen’s Men this afternoon—which, by the way, is the follow up to The Windsor Knot.

3 thoughts on “Book Haul

    1. Oh, I am. I’m already 250+ pages in on All The Queen’s Men, by Sophie Bennett. And it’s just as good as the first book. Highly recommend the pair.

    2. Oh, and I lost access to a like button when I moved to ClassicPress from the horrid (block-based) WordPress. I need to find a replacement. 😀

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