Alexandra's Notebook


I've never really thought about it before this morning, thinking I never really had a "brand" per se, but the truth is, when I looked closer, yes, I do. And it's quite distinctive to me. From the choice of fonts I like to use because of the way they look, to the colours I choose for links and the fact I like clean, crisp, uncluttered white space.

I think most of this stems from when I changed jobs moving from the stress of air traffic control (from my time in the military) to publishing on the cusp of computers moving full time into the work place. I gravitated to both, and combining the two, had a thirty plus year career in print & publishing.

Obviously, working within this dynamically changing arena has informed my online presence in subtle ways I hadn't really notice before. Of course it did. My artistic side has had training and now, has free reign to create in a way that's simplistic and understated. I crafted any number of magazines back in the day. I'm not saying I didn't go bold, and wild, and out there. I did. Especially when I worked on the early incarnation of UK music magazine, MOJO. Those first few issues, setting up a brand and style, were some of the most fun I've had.

And while I have had that background in print from those years, whether it was magazines or technical journals and handbooks, through to fiction, my own style has been growing, changing and forming quietly in the background, as I've learnt what I like. What works for me, as a person.

I think that's part of the reason I gravitated to Bear after trying out other platforms that put too much emphasis on what goes on under the hood rather than with the visuals, the layout and style. Bear gives you the ability to craft almost anything you set your mind to. And that works perfectly for me, and so many others who've realised, Bear is simplicity in itself.

So, here I am, with my own subtle brand and style, simple and understated.

And you, do you have a brand or style you've created or discovered?