Bye, Bye, BoJo, Goodbye …

The blustering buffoon has fallen.

It’s hard to feel sorry for the idiot bumpkin that has, with his backstabbing cronies, torn the UK to shreds, leaving it in tatters with little or no standing not only in Europe—the Ukraine notwithstanding—but all across the planet.

He will, I doubt, be missed by anyone but his small cadre of ardent supporters who, I surmise, are now few and far between.

From Theresa May’s tweeted innuendo this morning to ex-PM, Sir John Major’s downright hostility in his letter Sir Graham Brady, the chair of the 1922 Committee, saying it would be “unwise” to allow Johnson to stay on. To quote:

The proposal for the prime minister to remain in office – for up to three months – having lost the support of his cabinet, his government and his parliamentary party is unwise, and may be unsustainable.

In such a circumstance, the prime minister maintains the patronage and, of even greater concern, the power to make decisions which power of will affect the lives of those within all four nations of the United Kingdom and further afield. Some will argue that his new cabinet will restrain him. I merely note that his previous cabinet did not – or could not – do so.

For the overall wellbeing of the country, Mr Johnson should not remain in Downing Street – when he is unable to command the confidence of the House of Commons – for any longer than necessary to effect the smooth transition of government.

It’s interesting to know just how long Johnson will be able to squat within the walls of No. 10 before the bailiffs arrive? The man is a political limpet and has proven he’s not for moving.

The horror of this whole debacle would be that the deputy prime minister, Dominic Rabb, take over as acting prime minister in the interim while MPs vote for a new party leader. I cannot think this is a working solution let alone viable, even in the short term.

What this viper-pit of a conservative party should do is call a General Election and let the public decide on the next prime minister. But we all know, that’s not going to happen and, once again, probably from behind closed doors, the party will in-fight till there is one left standing.

Will Ben Wallace prevail? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

4 thoughts on “Bye, Bye, BoJo, Goodbye …

  1. Eclipsed only by our dreadful orange guy. The sad thing is, this guy used Brexit as a means to gain attention, never imagining the citizens of the UK would ever vote for it. Even he knew it was a disaster. Think the voters have learned a lesson? We’re certainly slow getting to one.

    Prayers for us all. We need these countries to lead! So far, all we’ve got are social media buffoons and corrupt players with no moral center.

    Off my soapbox😏

    1. Oh, Jonetta, carry on, carry on, the soap box is all yours. We’ve had to put up with a lot these last couple of years. Sad to say, there’s little light in what seems like a long dark tunnel, when you look around the planet and see so many in the orange guy’s mould destroying one country after another. Countries like Brazil, Sri Lanka and the Philippines to name a few.

      I’m just so glad we have Biden, Trudeau, and Arden to remind us there are some who are doing their best.

    1. Ha! Ha! Paula, is that you celebrating the bumbling idiots demise? I imagine there’s so many people in the UK cheering right now. Let’s hope clearer heads prevail and the replacement is not just BoJo 2.0.

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