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Camera In Hand ...

More and more, I've found myself abandoning taking one or other of my cameras out with me this last year, when going anywhere. Especially if there's a photo op involved. Why? Because of the annoying battery situation and the weight.

While I can cope with the battery situation, when I remember to charge the damn Olympus ahead of time, it's annoying when I've forgotten and, when out, the damn thing gives up the ghost after a couple of dozen clicks. It's frustrating to say the least. At least with the Pentax ist, not only is it one of the lightest cameras I've ever own, but the company went with good old fashioned AA batteries instead of rechargeable lithium batteries that need charging at every five minutes!

But even so, it still means I have to carry at least two lenses with me if I take the Pentax out, one wide angle the other other one or other of the telephotos. Which means a bag. A heavy bag.

So that, at the end of the day, I'm opting for just taking my Merrell messenger bag (which is comfortable and light) and my iPhone 14 pro. And relying on a steady hand, apps, and good weather to take the shot.

That is, unless someone can recommend a very, and I mean, very light, handy digital camera that doesn't need rechargeable batteries?

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