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Balcony Garden

The balcony garden is flourishing in this weird mix of really hot, hot weather and sudden downpours we’ve been having of late. The marigolds are going from strength to strength and the geranium is loving the sun, that’s for sure. But then, I’m being anal about making sure I water every day at roughly the same time, and pluck out the dead leaves and flowers. And you? How are your gardens looking this summer?

Fully Vaccinated!

As I said, my partner went yesterday afternoon to get their second vaccine shot. So we are now a fully-vaccinated household. Which means, I hope, that we’re also safe against the new emergent Delta variant. We will still be wearing our masks to go anywhere regardless of what anyone else might be doing, because … safety first! Anyway, to celebrate the fact we’re both vaccinated, how about some more beautiful flowers.