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Top 10 SciFi TV Shows

It’s time to do my favourite SF TV shows. And just like choosing any top ten, picking just ten TV shows is still difficult.

1. THE EXPANSE — without a doubt, this has to be my all-time favourite science fiction TV drama, ever. And I doubt another show will come along any time soon, to knock it off top spot. The reason being, is not just the excellent action but the show’s dedication to quality. From scripts, story lines, and top notch acting, through to the amazing CGI, and detail put into the cinematography. Every damn episode is like a mini movie. And who doesn’t adore Christjen Avasarala?

2. MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. — again, like The Expanse, Agents of SHIELD has been afforded top notch writing, excellent acting, and a budget most can only dream of. We have come to love the characters just as deeply as those on The Expanse. Well, I have. The dynamic between actors shows up on screen, and makes all the difference with each and every episode. Whether it’s selling an idea, or concept, to the believability of what we see on screen. Agents of SHIELD delivers every time.

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TV Shows: War of the Worlds

Based on: H.G. Wells novel of the same name
Produced: Urban Myth Films, StudioCanal+, UK/FR Coproduction
Written: Howard Overman

Starring: Gabriel Byrne | Elizabeth McGovern | Lea Drucker | Adel Bencherif | Emilie de Pressac | Natasha Little | Daisy Edgar-Jones | Ty Tennant | Bayo Gbadamosi | Stephen Campbell Moore | Stephane Caillard | Aaron Heffeman

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Movie Review: Crooked House


The granddaughter of late Greek-British business tycoon Aristide Leonides, Sophia Leonides, visits private investigator Charles Hayward in his office. Sophia wants Charles to investigate Aristide’s death, for she believes he was murdered by a member of his sprawling and idiosyncratic family.

Director: Gilles Paquet-Brenner

Writers: Julian Fellowes, Tim Rose Price and Gilles Paquet-Brenner

Glen Close, Terrence Stamp, Max Irons, Gillian Anderson and Stefanie Martini
Genre: Murder-Mystery

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