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A Hazy Sun

Here, as promised, are the slightly blurry iPhone photos of last night’s sun going down amid the smog from forest fires happening two provinces away. All the particulate in the skies is having an effect on not just people’s health, but plant-life and the local farms here about. There are a lot of dairy farms in our province, and heavy smog affects the cow’s health just as much as ours. It also mars milk output too. Less milk, and the possibility of tainted milk. This kind of weather takes a toll on everything on Planet Earth. And, in the end, we’re all going to pay the price.

The Sky at Night

Despite the weather going from one extreme to the other, I did manage to get some slightly blurry shots of the moon and stars, this week. Along with some very interesting sunsets/skies (which will follow in another post.) Note: photos taken with iPhone 7.

Friday Flowers

They’re having a mini flower festival at the local Halle—a favourite destination for me to go buy all my fresh produce in one place. My local Halle is home to a butcher, a seafood shop, a cooked meat place and cheese shop. Along with three patisseries/boulangerie, a very good coffee shop, a health shop, two small fast food places, and a flower shop. I think the floral displays are their doing, me thinks. But, how wonderful to stop in there and see all these beautiful flowers arrangements on display at the same time you pick up your fresh baguette, and some all-butter croissants!