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On the Plains …

Out on the Plains of Abraham. Québec City is steeped in so much history that it’s hard to go for walk anywhere in the heart of the city and not come across one or more historic monuments or heritage sites. Sites like the huge Plains of Abraham, which is one of my fav places to amble around, during the cooler months of spring and autumn. The park spans a large lengthwise area split into three parts. The part I went exploring sits right next to the Jardin Jeanne d’Arc which I talked about last week. This area boasts not one, but two of the three remaining Martello Towers (1808-1812). These structures have, in and of themselves, a fascinating history, never mind the plains being the site of one of the most important battles between the French and British forces vying for control of north America in the early part of the 19th century. It’s the many criss crossing pathways rather than the towers themselves that most locals are interested in, after all, you always get …

Tree Cull

They’re doing a tree cull in our area. I’m heartbroken, but I also understand the need to do this when a tree get’s infected with either fungus or deadly boring beetles. If left unchecked, every tree becomes a target. Still, it makes me want to cry when I see this happening, as we have such beautiful tree-lined streets all around our neighbourhood. The good news is once they’ve finished the cull, and dug up the roots, new saplings will be planted in their place. Hardy trees from a variety of native species, who are not prone to infection. At least, that’s the plan.

On the Promenade

Up on what is the Terrace Dufferin or, the promenade, as the English like to call it, you get some of the best views of not only the river and south shore, but the Chateau Frontenac and, of course, the historic boardwalk itself. And yes, you did see a monument dedicated to that General Wolfe. Some very distant relative of mine, I’m sure. The monument sits right next to the Chateau along with one dedicated to Gen. Montcalm of the French forces. The American Consulate also sits to one side of the Chateau. There’s a lot of history on display here, in this one small area. Including, up on the bluff, the Citadel.  But mostly, people only have eyes for the river, and the amazing views off into the distance.