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10 Adult Things I Do: 2021 Edition

I thought to talk about how well I am adulting, circa 2021. Especially as this year I reached *that* age. You know the one, it’s a Beatles song. So what do I do now that’s so different than in years past? 

Well, actually, a lot, and yes some of that’s due to the pandemic we’re living through, but mostly, it’s all down to age and, well, being semi-retired. I say semi-retired, as I don’t want to admit it, the reality is I’m probably well and truly out of the jobs market. But hey, that’s not a bad thing, it just means I have more time for my hobbies and yes, reading when ever I want, whenever I want.

But back to 10 8 Adult Things I Do Now | 2021 OAP Edition:

I have a mammogram every other year

Post menopause, and past having kids, I hope, I still go regularly for my pap smears and mammogram, but now, I do them every couple of years (as recommended). Believe me, this is not something you should skip, ever.

I go to bed early

As in, I mean, by 10:30 pm every night. Nothing to do with a pandemic and everything being closed, and more to do with a change in life-style choices and, as I’m not as young as I once was, no longer want to go out late at night. Doesn’t matter if I’m reading a good book, I’m in bed by 10:30.

Tax returns are a breeze

No, really. After doing them for, well, too many decades, it’s become almost rote. And, after all, now you can upload software, go through it step by step, and, of course being semi-retired, it really is easier to do at this age than in years gone by. Thank god for getting older.

I have savings

Yes, thank you pandemic. I no longer go outside, or shop (even online) so guess what? That every day latte, or lunch out money is now resting in a high interest savings account and accruing me enough, I hope, after the pandemic is over, a holiday in Europe. Or, at the very least, a small nest egg and financial buffer of things to come.

My bank is a Co-op

Yes, I own part of my own bank. Well, I’m a paid up member and can buy shares, if I wanted. I can even participate in elections for said bank. The advantages are numerous with this arrangement, but also, like any bank, it can have its downside. Usually fees.

I’m old enough to not give a fuck

Yep, you bet I no longer give a nickel what strangers think. I’m living my own life, my way. And if my life offends you in any way, then you’re the problem not me.

I haggle

And you should too. Being my age though probably has its advantages. When I bought the new bed I haggled with the salesman about pricing and then, got quite a substantial discount. I think I wore him down and he just wanted to get rid of me. Ha! I did the same buying a series of carpets a few years back. I was buying several for the new apartment, so yes, I wanted to get the best price possible. And, I think I did.

And yes, I complain

If I’m paying for something, I have a certain set of expectations, especially with equipment like white goods for the house. And I’ll be damned if they fail to meet expectations—like not lasting past 2-3 years for example—you bet I’ll complain and demand to know why.



No matter who you are, you need two kinds of friends in your life. The first kind is one you can call on when something good happens in your life, and you need someone who will be as excited for you as you are. Not a fake excitement veiling envy, but a true and real excitement. You need someone who will actually be more excited for you than she would be if whatever had happened to them. The second kind of friend is somebody you can call on when things go horribly wrong—when your life is on the line and you only have one phone call.

Who is it going to be?

This comes up today, because I was thinking about a friend back in the UK, we’ve known one another since 1992. Yes, almost 30 years. But I’m not so sure if we have any more years on the clock because, for the very first time ever, I didn’t receive the usual Christmas and birthday cards in the post, this year.

To say I was unsettled is an understatement. Not because I felt slighted but because my first thought was for my friend, and worrying that something has happened to her. After all, neither of us is getting any younger and with COVID you never know. And with each passing year, I ask myself will there be another one because, you know, shit happens.

Now I’m fretting again, because, thousands of miles apart, there’s no one answering my emails, and I don’t have a working phone number for her. I haven’t been able to contact her family or the one other friend I know we have in common. And already, we’re November already and more time passes, and I wonder what’s happening.

Has too much time passed by and the fact is, we’ve just drifted apart maybe, because of the stresses of Covid? It’s hard loosing a friend to that ‘drift’ and something I will just have to accept but, without knowing, I’m worried because we now live in the age of Covid.

So, what’s a friend to do?