Streaming Sunday …

Is Back!

Yes, I did … I went and signed up for a new streaming service. I did my due diligence. I waited a couple of weeks (and then some) after ditching Netflix and our other services, and researched what else was available. I think I already mentioned my partner was leaning towards Paramount for content, while Disney appealed to me. Though, at one point, we did think about going for broke, and signing up for both.

Funny thing is, we didn’t go with either. Instead, after weighing up what’s out there, I plumped for ACORN TV. To quote:

Acorn TV is an American subscription video streaming service offering television programming from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, other Commonwealth countries, including Ireland, Spain, and Mexico.

And when they say programming, they mean murder and mayhem, suspense, mysteries, police procedurals … in fact, everything a crime fiction lover could dream of, and then some, and all in one place. It couldn’t get any better.

They even have comedy shows like Agatha Raisin, some neat looking documentaries, period dramas, and some cool sounding original programming like Mystery Road starring Aussie actress, Judy Davies.

I can’t wait to jump on in and more, share my thoughts with you. See you next Sunday!

All Hail Queen Charlotte

Dearest Gentle Reader,

It’s fact. The venerable Shonda Rhimes has kept her fervent promise and is bringing us not only our beloved Bridgerton back for a third season, airing early next year (2023) on Netflix but will be giving us Queen Charlotte’s backstory as well.

For more gossip and the first official trailer, take a look at the TADUM event airing online right now, to get a sneak peek and say hello to actress India Amarteifio — the incredible young actress who, along with the dynamic duo of Golda Rosheuvel & Adjoa Andoh, as they reveal the origins of our beloved Queen!

Don’t miss out, go check out the trailer, you know you want too!

Streaming Sunday

Bonjour tout la monde, today I’m catching you up with two shows I stumbled across one after the other. Both are similar but yet so wildly different in their approach to the same subject: getting organised. You might be able to guess which shows I’m talking about, the first is:

THE HOME EDIT — This bright, frenetic, cheery, and heartfelt show features two friends, Joanna and Clea, and their faithful team, getting people’s lives organised in what can only be describes as organised chaos. The Netflix show is split into two parts, which includes the ladies (and the team) doing some sort of saving grace make-over (organising) of a celebrity (at home). While the second part of the show features a family or couple being selected based on a video plea to Clea and Joanna to the effect, “we watch your show, are fans and … we need your help.”

If you’ve seen the show you know what I mean. If not, you need to be tuning in now and binge watching. Because, let me tell you, these two work their butts off reorganising people’s homes (and quite possibly, their lives too) when they transform one or more rooms in desperate need of organising. Sometimes they have a day or more but quite often they have just an afternoon or less, do an entire make-over. And, sometimes, even in a matter of hours.

It’s fun, frenetic, chaotic at times, but in an organised way, and the humour and snark, well, is priceless. So that, to be honest, me and mine were glued to this show all this last week. I cannot stress how uplifting it left me feeling too and that’s even without my having to go and organise my kitchen or my office.

You know what, just go watch it and enjoy!

SPARKING JOY — This very short (3 episodes) show featuring Marie Kondo, the queen of orgnised joy, is the polar opposite of The Home Edit show. It is quiet, thoughtful, and measured, as Kondo meets three very different people needing help in their life to get organised and find direction. We watched this show after binge watching THE show and, well, while it was interesting it felt very, can I say, manufactured. Like the three participants might have like to have been on THE show than have a translator speak for Marie Kondo. While taking each through a measured process of handling all their stuff and asking themselves, does this spark joy?

I understand the principal, believe me, I do. But is this riveting TV? The answer is (for me at least) a hard and fast no. Did it inspire me in the same way that the THE show did? That’s another no.

Quirky, inoffensive, quiet, and, well, a little dull in comparison, Sparking Joy never really did it for me. I have nothing against Kondo and her devoted followers, but I for one will be following Joanna and Clea from here on out, thanks!

And you, have you seen either of these two shows and, if so, what did you think?

Streaming Sunday

Inspired by Jonetta over at the BlueMood Cafe, I thought to start doing a post about shows I’ve watched throughout the previous week. Not so much anything adapted from a book, as I think Jo has that side well and truly covered. But shows that I’ve enjoyed, or that left an impression on me.

Shows like:

WIN THE WILDERNESS — In which six couples from the UK compete against one another over 6 episodes, in order to “win” the deeds to an extraordinary cabin in the Alaskan wilderness. They have to prove that have what it takes in order to not only live in the wilderness, but know how to survive there. And, in order to do this, they are set a series of tasks to do, by the elderly (and retiring couple) who actually built the cabin, and own the property on what is called, Ose Mountain.

That part alone was well worth watching the show for, the archival footage of the pair clearing over 2000 trees and scrub wilderness, in order to build their log cabin. And more, a guest cabin, a thirty foot long greenhouse, and a miniature reservoir for drinking water. Thirty years of hard labour later and, as the pair are now in their late 70s, it’s time to retire to the nearest town, and kick it back. With no children, I wonder how they came up with the idea to run a competition to win their property?

However that part went down, the show was vicarious fun. Watching these couples excel, or stumble their way through the various challenge. None of which were too outrageous or difficult to do as long as you are fit, and willing. And, with a cabin and property on the line, I guess they all had the motivation they needed.

Unlike a lot of these kind of reality shows filled with young punks who think they can do anything, and have run away mouths on them. This one had a couple of older pairs (in their 50s) while most were late 20s to mid 30s. So it meant they had some experiences under their belt, and all had personality.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed watching these people not only challenge each other, but themselves, and do it with a lot of sarcasm and humour. Of course, there is a lot of staging in these kinds of shows, there has to be. But also there’s a lot of it being off the cuff, and, in this case it was a fairly enjoyable 6 hours of scripted entertainment.

PIRATE GOLD OF ADAK ISLAND — On the other hand, while also a partly scripted reality show, Pirate Gold of Adak Island was intriguing, interesting and fun for a whole other set of reasons. Adak’s Mayor, Tom, assembles a small team in order to conduct a search for a fabled buried horde of gold coins. So that, what we get through out is not only the history behind this island, one of a string in the Aleutian Islands off Alaska, but the history of the pirate and, ultimate, the buried gold horde.

I was instantly intrigued by the history behind the rogue pirate Russian seal hunter, Gregory Dwargstof, and how fleeing the US Navy back in the late 1890s, he was (foolishly) entrusted with the pirate treasure and set sail for the isle of Adak in order to bury it for safe keeping. Sad to say he then sailed off into a storm and wrecked his ship. Leaving behind a mystery that wasn’t uncovered till WWII when an Army private, digging ditches, uncovered the first of the rumoured 150 tins of gold.

Of course, Mayor Tom’s team like so many before them, were on the hunt to find the remaining tins. The four members, each offering their own skill set, made this another fun watch. With a genuine treasure hunter and all his kit, a scientist with the smarts to read the land and soil, and two long time friends who had once lived on the island, we’re in for an intriguing scavenger hunt.

Even though you know these shows are partly scripted, and probably heavily edited, they were both still enjoyable. What with the history, the intrigue, and the will they won’t they dynamics, I was happily absorbed in both. I hope you are too.