Québec City
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Fiery Sunsets

Due to the amount of smoke particulate in the upper atmosphere here due to the forest fires, we’re experiencing some spectacular sunsets. While the air pollution allows us to enjoy this majestic sight, it can be good for any living thing to be breathing it in.

Nonetheless, I’ve been out on my balcony enjoying the shift from pale pinks and mauves through to deeper darker shades, as if the skies are on fire.

Don’t you just love the colour change?


  1. Yes, they’re gorgeous!

    I hope your breathing has been okay during these fires. The air quality here in Toronto was awful for a few days, but it’s much better now.

    • We’re doing okay compared to most. We’ve been keeping an eye on the air quality if we have to go outside. Oh, and I can imagine it’s been awful in Toronto, you’re even closer there. I hope you have a clear weekend. Take care.

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