Alexandra's Notebook

Happy Canada Day

I'm a relatively new arrival to these shores having landed here to visit, but not stay and then, on meeting my partner, I began to visit more often till it was decided. I would stay, stay and pursue first, permanent residency and then, citizenship.

Well, after living here, in Quebec, long enough to apply, and sponsored by my partner, I applied to be a permanent resident. A lot of money later after being vetted like I was about to work at Los Alamos in New Mexico, on some Top Secret weapons program or with Aliens, I was finally cleared as being a desirable alien and given residency. Which afforded me certain rights and privileges.

From this point I had to be a resident for at least 3 years before I could then apply to become a citizen. Again, this is not an easy path or a cheap venture let me tell you. And, without the support of a sponsor—in my case, my partner—near on impossible to do. The financial requirement alone, is prohibitive to so many. But, me and mine persisted and finally, in August 2018, I passed the last hurdle in a very long and meticulous process to achieve citizenship. I presented myself to the relevant authorities, made a declaration signed my paperwork and was told I was at that point, barring any further complications, a citizen of Canada.

The finishing touch to make it all wholly official came later when, online, with about 100+ other participants, I swore the oath of allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen, and sang O Canada in Canada's two official languages in front of a judge, online, with my fellow compatriots.

I was then officially a Canadian citizen. And I have never been more proud of myself, and my partner, at realising a dream.

And here I am, a few years later, on Canada Day, celebrating the fact I am a Canadian.

Happy Canada Day everyone! 🇨🇦


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