Welcome to the library, take a look around and check out the crazy amount of books I’ve read over the years.


Reverse chronological order of when I read them. Most recent is at the top. Books I strongly recommend are starred

What’s currently on the TBR pile:

  • Moonlight and the Pearler’s Daughter — Lizzie Pooks
  • Movieland — Lee Goldberg
  • At First Light — Barbara Nickless
  • Murder at the Marais — Cara Black
  • Three Hours in Paris — Cara Black
  • Last One Alive — Amber Cowie
  • Darkness for Light — Emma Viskic
  • The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes — Leonard Goldberg
  • The Man Who Died Twice — Richard Osman
  • The Berlin Girl — Mandy Robotham
  • The Rose Code — Kate Quinn
  • The Women of the Chateau Lafayette — Stephanie Dray
  • The Golden Tresses of the Dead — Alan Bradley
  • Fair Warning — Michael Connelly
  • Law of Innocence — Michael Connelly
  • The Bone Maker — Sarah Beth Durst