Alexandra's Notebook

My Day ... So Far

Well, we were woken up early this morning, very early, around 6:30. Some truck was parked the other side of the privacy hedge, engine running, in the YWCA car park. From the awful high pitched sound, I think they were cleaning a blocked drain. It's about 30 feet from our bedroom window (which was slightly ajar) to the other side of the hedge.

So yes, awake, we got up, showered and had breakfast accompanied by the groaning, grinding, and ear-splitting whine of the on-going maintenance. Some how my croissant didn't quite taste the same. I wonder why?

I guess I should thank them for waking us early. It meant we left the house early to go do a quick boulangerie run to the shop across the park. We picked up fresh bread, bagels (for lunch,) ham and cheese, and some pastries for later. But the goodness didn't last.

We stopped in at the pharmacy on the way back to collect some essentials and walked up to the till to see 2 young people trying to calm several angry customers all wanting service. What the hell was going on? The tills weren't working, or, I should say, they could take cash, but not process credit or debit cards. The system had gone off line for whatever reason, technical or otherwise.

So of course, most people do not carry cash anymore, we all usually pay with our cards and defer payment till the end of the month. Right?

Lucky for us, I had my small coin purse with us in which I usually carry about $40 in bills and change. Much to the annoyance of those about to abandon goods they could no longer pay for, we walked to one of the two tills, paid in cash, and left before we became targets.

It was then, as we got home, with just seconds to spare that the heavens opened up, and the rain ... rain? I mean, monsoon, came down with a vengeance.

So, all in all, thanks to the unscheduled wake up call, we managed to get out, buy what we needed for the weekend, and get home before the monsoon drenched everything and everyone.

So, how's your day going so far, today? Peachy?