Noise Pollution

Our building is under assault.

It’s not just annual maintenance time. It’s emergency repairs time due to excess flooding. Flooding because we’ve had so much rain this year water has found its way into the sub basement electrical room for our building.

Water and electrics? Not a good mix.

Upshot, the company who own and run our six-building complex of apartment blocks has brought forward a number of building works on our apartment block. And now, we’re under assault on all sides. There is work being done on the roof. Work being done on side walls. Work being done on balconies.

And …

Rather loud, noisy work being done on the front entrance of our building (for the leak, remember). They’re having to removed all the concrete and tarmac at the front in order to access three areas of concern. Which has meant two mini excavators with drill-heads pounding away.

Six hours yesterday. And a projected six hours again today.

I’m sat here wearing my Dr. Dre headphones listening to the Matrix soundtrack in order to drown out the 100+ decibel noise. And yes, we’ve made them aware that the max decibel allowed in a public area is 80. They are having to stop for 10 minutes in every hour now, which means, the work is going to take longer.

All week long. The OH is in the office trying to take zoom calls for work … I wonder how long it will be before they cancel them for the rest of the day?

sigh … I need a coffee … I need a tylenol.

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