O Canada

Today sees my first full day as a fully fledge sworn-in Canadian citizen.

Yesterday, along with a couple of hundred other hopefuls, I signed in to a very special Zoom meeting with Canadian officials to take the Oath and swear my allegiance after years of prep-work and filling in paperwork to prove worthy enough to become … a Canadian citizen.

The three hour ceremony was long due to the difficulties of each of us having to provide the final proof of who we were, before taking an oath with an immigration judge. But once the welcome videos and speeches were over, we all sang the national anthem, O Canada, and officially became citizens of this great country.

I have to tell you, I was as nervous as hell so much so I couldn’t eat all day. I’ve never felt so strung out and yet, so proud to have gone through with this, to follow a path many have taken, and become a citizen of country not of my birth. I think everyone should do this. And then, people might understand how much this means to those involved. It’s monumental for most and definitely life-changing in a way most of us cannot begin to imagine or, understand.

And so, here I am, after a number of years in the making, I am finally a Canadian.

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    1. Thanks, Lydia, and congrats to you too. I think it was because of all the problems at the start with people logging in and being unfamiliar with zoom and the process. I know me and mine practised a few days before.

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