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Playing Ball

After nearly two hundred years of being embedded in this tree, this cannonball is to be released from its prison, later this week. They’re chopping the tree down. Why, we’re not quite sure. The excuse seems to be that the tree is diseased, but ardent supporters of the cannonball tree are vehemently against anyone messing with this piece of Anglo-French history.

We heard on the local news last night that protestors will be blocking the local government from taking a chainsaw to said tree. I hope they succeed. But I doubt they can stop the tree being removed.

How sad to see something so old, imbued with so much history be cut down and lost forever.

Goodbye tree.


    • I wish I knew the truth, but all we get is slanted reporting. I would like definitive proof the tree is really diseased and therefore, a danger to the passing public. Otherwise, don’t, just don’t!

      Or, at the very least, leave a stump with the cannonball embedded in it still for tourists.

    • It’s heartbreaking, Inge. There are so many other ways they could save the tree or preserve the stump and cannonball, but apparently, they’ll cut it down and dig it up, and the cannonball will go in a museum somewhere. History dug up and gone …

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