Post Storm Clean Up

Again, last night, the province was hit with severe thunderstorm, downing trees and knocking out power to hundreds of thousands. It was violent to the Nth degree with winds gusting upwards of 110 km in places. So no surprises when we got up this morning to heavy humid weather, to look from our balcony across to the local park and see lots of debris strewn everywhere.

The storms rolled in here, locally, at around 7 pm last night with skies turning a deep frightening grey, skies that then lit up with one after another lightening bolts cracking so loud even I thought our building might have been hit. But it was the wind that was the worst, never mind the initial downpour laced with large chunks of hailstone.

We might not have reached 110 km but the winds certainly added to the spectacular light show. Lightning that didn’t just hit the ground with thunderous cracks, it also streaked across the darkness so bright it light up our living room—it felt like Mother Nature was giving us all an X-ray.

We are lucky enough to live up on the south ridge of the St. Charles river valley, who took the brunt of the storm that hit here, as did those in low lying areas along both the Charles and St. Lawrence rivers.

The only small silver lining to all this is the amount of rain that fell, much needed rain after a sweltering hot few weeks. Sadly, there’s more unsettled weather to come in the forecast for the rest of the week.

2 thoughts on “Post Storm Clean Up

    1. There’s still a crew in the park with a chainsaw, so I guess they’re cutting up fallen branches. But for us, personally, I only had to clean the balcony, which wasn’t too bad considering. I hear that there’s still 30k homes till without power though. That’s tough.

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