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Re: #JulyReply2024

I completely messed up Robert Birming's #Junited2024 challenge, stumbling half way through but, to make amends and, with less stress to post daily, I'm joining the #JulyReply2024 challenge in the hope of redeeming myself.

The goal is to reply to other people’s blog posts by creating an entry titled “Re: The original blog title”. Robert describes it as the post version of answering an email and, in a sense, creating a thread spread over several or more blogs. Thereby allowing people to hop from one blog to another reading not only the thread but, hopefully, finding new blogs to read in the process.

I already started responding to other people's posts prior to this challenge with at least one post, my For Love, and Food was my response to Lou Plummer's post Food Memories are the Best. He and I have done this a couple of times, following through on something we've posted.

I also responded to Martin Schuhmann post, Little Moments that Bring Me Joy with my own, BIG Things I Like.

We've probably all been doing this for some time already, I know I have. So now I can actively start adding a #JulyReply2024 tag to get the party started.

Come on people, start getting your Re: on!

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