These archives are restricted to authorised Fleet personnel only. Unauthorised access is not sanctioned. Requests for archival material must be submitted to Archival Personnel through the correct channels.

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Restricted Archives

Be aware that you IP address and passwords will be confirmed before access to this restricted area of the Archives is granted. If you do not have the applicable access and clearance, you will be denied access and your attempted access will be logged. All unauthorised access attempts will be dealt with by IA and severe penalties, including but not limited imprisonment, Court Marshall, and criminal proceedings, can and will be levied against any and all transgressors. The UPSF documents listed are deemed Classified under the UPSF Security Council Resolution SC/RES/2057-A. All documents are electronically disabled. Attempted reproduction, copying, storage and transmission of any document, in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited under Section 3 of Fleet Standing Orders. Original documents may be viewed, in person, upon presentation of the correct credentials to the Archival Director at Fleet HQ, Brunssum, the Netherlands, by appointment.