Jupiter Patrol #1


HUNG AGAINST A BACKDROP OF STARS, the swirling mass of Jupiter commands centre stage. Its gravitational pull so strong, it almost seems to ripple space itself. One lone insignificant mot spins past the super gas-giant with a grace its structure belies. The central body of the United Planetary Space Fleet Dreadnought-class ship, the Resource—built like a latter-day style Hindenburg airship—rotates at a calculated rate of spin to achieve artificial gravity within. The body armoured by a brace of six limbs that make up its exoskeleton: The Ram brace. So named after Fleet Captain Helena Blackthorn rammed the Belter’s flotilla at the infamous battle of Jarlsberg, out in the Asteroid belt during the first Miner’s uprising. A battle at which a Dreadnought’s terrible capability to inflict a great deal of damage became legendary.

The Resource—keeping its distance from Jupiter’s gravity well—having no desire to test the theory that the Ram-brace would protect them from the huge strain and tidal pull placed upon the ship’s hull. The ship is heading for a tiny cluster of asteroids that look like grains of sand in comparison to their giant neighbour.

Dwarfed, the ship moves across the face of the planet, bleeding velocity, passing Jupiter’s unseeing eye that pays no heed. Deep inside, ringed around the central core are the Tube, offices, workspaces, Marine units and various sized hangers—situated at the far aft sections of the Dreadnought—the crew go about their daily routine.unknown.gif Continue reading

Signet Flash signal: RBD-Resource


FROM: Fleet Intelligence, Daedalus Station
TO: Capt. Elizabeth Halley | Capt. McKenzie Bryce | Capt. Roberta Hudson
DATE: December 12, 2264
SUBJECT: Clandestine Ops
SIGNED BY: Lt. Cmdr. Piotr Jarvis


We have received information from credible sources regarding the illegal operation of a SNAP lab locate in QUADRANT 4, SECTOR 7. Activity and comms chatter confirm Clandestine Operations in action between Sector 7 and Mars.

DIRECTIVE: It is important that you coordinate a rendezvous and make visual confirmation. Whereupon action—and any force necessary—is authorised in closure of said facility. Apprehension of senior staff and scientist, and impounding of any and all equipment, including shipping, is crucial.

Imperative, where possible, all documentation is to be made secure for further analysis, and must be delivered directly to Fleet Intelligence, Daedalus Station. Use any means necessary.


CC/Fleet Ops, Daedalus Station

# # #

Fleet-Wide Alert

ALL FLEET PERSONNEL are to report to their bases immediately. All leave and furloughs are hereby cancelled. All off-duty personnel are to report to their base for active duty, effective immediately.

By order of the Admiral of the Fleet,

Admiral James William Churchill
Fleet Command HQ