Trident Spear

UPSF Review
Trident Spear and the information environment

Exercise Trident Spear is to take place between Earth, the Moon, and as far out as Venus. And will involve 29 ships of the line, including the Dreadnoughts Revenge and Resilient, in what will be Fleets largest exercise in space in over a decade. It aims to demonstrate the collective capabilities of the Fleet in a high-visibility exercise built around a collective defence scenario. It will test UPSF’s ability to plan and conduct a major operation from the ability to deploy and receive reinforcements, to training at the tactical level, through to command over large forces.

During the exercise, Fleet Command Operations will also work with Corporate partners on over 20 experiments. One of these aims to build Fleet’s ability to analyse unfolding events, as they occur, in the information environment.

Through Trident Spear, Fleet will reassure the world that it is operationally prepared, ready and able to defend against any attack. The exercise is a measurable demonstration—bolstered by strategic messaging about deterrence and defence—of Fleet’s unity. The exercise scenario is not real. But the lessons Fleet will learn are very real. So are the benefits for Fleet and its resilience to be prepared in any and all eventualities.