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Stand en Guard!

Samuel de Champlain stands en guard

No, I’m not talking stances in fencing, but being on guard to fraudulent behaviour.

I tried to log in to my bank account, this morning, to pay my credit card bill and, was presented with a large pop-up window saying my account had been suspended.

S U S P E N D E D!

After the 30 second panic attack subsided, I cleared my browser’s cache and tried again thinking maybe I hadn’t put the right account number in. But, nope, ping … the warning popped up again—written in red I might add—saying the same thing.

Being persistent and trying hard not to panic further, I checked the phone numbers being offered (along with a click this link) and, not trusting either (you know, hackers!) I checked the phone numbers listed on the back of my debit card and called one of those.

Well, one and a half hours later, I got it all sorted out. The alert and freeze happened, I was told, due to outside sources attempting a failed login. Well, while that’s great to know the system did what it was supposed to do. Locked the possible fraudster OUT of my account. It also meant I too got locked out of said account. And, without being warned with a text, or email, or even call, was left hanging in the breeze as they say.

Thank you dear bank for putting in place a system to stop fraudsters, but could you please let us your customers know when this happens, pretty please, to spare us the horror of seeing such notices. And also, from having to spend almost TWO HOURS on the phone, listening to scratchy music suffering mild panic attacks in the process.

Thank you,

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