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Bonjour tout la monde, today I’m catching you up with two shows I stumbled across one after the other. Both are similar but yet so wildly different in their approach to the same subject: getting organised. You might be able to guess which shows I’m talking about, the first is:

THE HOME EDIT — This bright, frenetic, cheery, and heartfelt show features two friends, Joanna and Clea, and their faithful team, getting people’s lives organised in what can only be describes as organised chaos. The Netflix show is split into two parts, which includes the ladies (and the team) doing some sort of saving grace make-over (organising) of a celebrity (at home). While the second part of the show features a family or couple being selected based on a video plea to Clea and Joanna to the effect, “we watch your show, are fans and … we need your help.”

If you’ve seen the show you know what I mean. If not, you need to be tuning in now and binge watching. Because, let me tell you, these two work their butts off reorganising people’s homes (and quite possibly, their lives too) when they transform one or more rooms in desperate need of organising. Sometimes they have a day or more but quite often they have just an afternoon or less, do an entire make-over. And, sometimes, even in a matter of hours.

It’s fun, frenetic, chaotic at times, but in an organised way, and the humour and snark, well, is priceless. So that, to be honest, me and mine were glued to this show all this last week. I cannot stress how uplifting it left me feeling too and that’s even without my having to go and organise my kitchen or my office.

You know what, just go watch it and enjoy!

SPARKING JOY — This very short (3 episodes) show featuring Marie Kondo, the queen of orgnised joy, is the polar opposite of The Home Edit show. It is quiet, thoughtful, and measured, as Kondo meets three very different people needing help in their life to get organised and find direction. We watched this show after binge watching THE show and, well, while it was interesting it felt very, can I say, manufactured. Like the three participants might have like to have been on THE show than have a translator speak for Marie Kondo. While taking each through a measured process of handling all their stuff and asking themselves, does this spark joy?

I understand the principal, believe me, I do. But is this riveting TV? The answer is (for me at least) a hard and fast no. Did it inspire me in the same way that the THE show did? That’s another no.

Quirky, inoffensive, quiet, and, well, a little dull in comparison, Sparking Joy never really did it for me. I have nothing against Kondo and her devoted followers, but I for one will be following Joanna and Clea from here on out, thanks!

And you, have you seen either of these two shows and, if so, what did you think?

2 thoughts on “Streaming Sunday

    1. Strangely enough, Jo, no, not really. Well, until that is, recently. I wouldn’t have tuned in to any of these usually, but with everything else, I’ve been avoiding certain categories of TV shows. So we started watched a show or two and … well, we’ve found some we’ve really enjoyed!

      So there you go, a leopard can change her spots. 😀

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