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Inspired by Jonetta over at the BlueMood Cafe, I thought to start doing a post about shows I’ve watched throughout the previous week. Not so much anything adapted from a book, as I think Jo has that side well and truly covered. But shows that I’ve enjoyed, or that left an impression on me.

Shows like:

WIN THE WILDERNESS — In which six couples from the UK compete against one another over 6 episodes, in order to “win” the deeds to an extraordinary cabin in the Alaskan wilderness. They have to prove that have what it takes in order to not only live in the wilderness, but know how to survive there. And, in order to do this, they are set a series of tasks to do, by the elderly (and retiring couple) who actually built the cabin, and own the property on what is called, Ose Mountain.

That part alone was well worth watching the show for, the archival footage of the pair clearing over 2000 trees and scrub wilderness, in order to build their log cabin. And more, a guest cabin, a thirty foot long greenhouse, and a miniature reservoir for drinking water. Thirty years of hard labour later and, as the pair are now in their late 70s, it’s time to retire to the nearest town, and kick it back. With no children, I wonder how they came up with the idea to run a competition to win their property?

However that part went down, the show was vicarious fun. Watching these couples excel, or stumble their way through the various challenge. None of which were too outrageous or difficult to do as long as you are fit, and willing. And, with a cabin and property on the line, I guess they all had the motivation they needed.

Unlike a lot of these kind of reality shows filled with young punks who think they can do anything, and have run away mouths on them. This one had a couple of older pairs (in their 50s) while most were late 20s to mid 30s. So it meant they had some experiences under their belt, and all had personality.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed watching these people not only challenge each other, but themselves, and do it with a lot of sarcasm and humour. Of course, there is a lot of staging in these kinds of shows, there has to be. But also there’s a lot of it being off the cuff, and, in this case it was a fairly enjoyable 6 hours of scripted entertainment.

PIRATE GOLD OF ADAK ISLAND — On the other hand, while also a partly scripted reality show, Pirate Gold of Adak Island was intriguing, interesting and fun for a whole other set of reasons. Adak’s Mayor, Tom, assembles a small team in order to conduct a search for a fabled buried horde of gold coins. So that, what we get through out is not only the history behind this island, one of a string in the Aleutian Islands off Alaska, but the history of the pirate and, ultimate, the buried gold horde.

I was instantly intrigued by the history behind the rogue pirate Russian seal hunter, Gregory Dwargstof, and how fleeing the US Navy back in the late 1890s, he was (foolishly) entrusted with the pirate treasure and set sail for the isle of Adak in order to bury it for safe keeping. Sad to say he then sailed off into a storm and wrecked his ship. Leaving behind a mystery that wasn’t uncovered till WWII when an Army private, digging ditches, uncovered the first of the rumoured 150 tins of gold.

Of course, Mayor Tom’s team like so many before them, were on the hunt to find the remaining tins. The four members, each offering their own skill set, made this another fun watch. With a genuine treasure hunter and all his kit, a scientist with the smarts to read the land and soil, and two long time friends who had once lived on the island, we’re in for an intriguing scavenger hunt.

Even though you know these shows are partly scripted, and probably heavily edited, they were both still enjoyable. What with the history, the intrigue, and the will they won’t they dynamics, I was happily absorbed in both. I hope you are too.

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  1. These remind me of a show (I don’t recall the name) my husband watched where naked people had to survive for 6 weeks in the wilderness with nothing at all!

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