SciFi Month

I’m getting in early with my reading challenges for autumn, and not only have I signed up for the OcTBR Challenge, I went and signed on for the #SciFiMonth2022, which is in November. So that’s me reading for the next couple of months.

This is my second year doing the TBR challenge, and probably my 4 or 5th year doing SciFi Month, which is always a lively event run by Lisa at Dear Geek Place (who also runs Spooktastic Reads at the end of October) and Imyril over at One More Org. Both of whom pour their hearts and souls into making this a yearly success.

So if you are a SciFi reader, hop on over and join on the crew manifest to participate and have the chance of winning some great giveaways too, through out the month of November. You could find yourself owning one of these:

  • The Immortality Thief – Taran Hunt
  • Under Fortunate Stars – Ren Hutchings
  • The Chosen Twelve – James Breakwell
  • Someone In Time – edited by Jonathan Strahan

To enter the giveaway, you must sign up for SciFiMonth and make a SciFiMonth post by November 5th (add a link to your post to the master schedule so that Lisa and Imyril know you have posted).

See you all onboard in November.

OcTBR Update

I picked out the books from my TBR pile that I want to try and read through October, for the challenge. I’m thinking 6 is doable, though I have plenty in reserve if I find I have time to squeeze one or more in.

Now, of course, I just have to decide which one to read first.

OcTBR Challenge

This is a challenge I came across a couple of years ago, over on Twitter, which is run by a friend—fantasy author, Dan Hanks. And, as the title suggests, is all about tackling our TBR piles throughout the month of October. I know there are a few challenges happening this coming month but I’ve decided to try do this one as my current TBR is, well, to put it mildly falling off the coffee table.

If you want to know more, hop on over to the OcTBR Challenge blog and check out the details.

And what is my target for October? To try and read at least 5 books from my TBR, in October’s 31 days. And you, will you join in the challenge?

Top Ten Tuesday: Books on my Fall 2022 To-Read List

Bonjour tout la monde, today’s Top Ten Tuesday from Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl is about what Books are on our Fall 2022 To-Read List. And, eh, well, while I have hundreds listed on my Wish List, I haven’t actually gotten around to choosing what to put on my Fall TBR list as I’m still trying to work my way through my current TBR Pile on the coffee table. But, hypothetically, here’s what I’m going with, a lot of murder and mystery.

  • COLD, COLD BONES by Kathy Reichs
  • DEATH IN THE SUNSHINE by Steph Broadribb
  • THE MARLOW MURDER CLUB by Robert Thorogood
  • AN ELDERLY LADY IS UP TO NO GOOD by Helene Tursten
  • THOSE WHO PERISH by Emma Viskic
  • THE OMEGA FACTOR by Steve Berry
  • THE DARK OF NIGHT by Barbara Nickless
  • BACK TO THE GARDEN by Laurie R. King
  • A WORLD OF CURIOSITIES by Louise Penny
  • OVERBOARD by Sara Paretsky

And you, what books made it onto your Fall reading list?