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All that’s Golden …

One of the best things about our botanic gardens is the sheer variety of flowers they grow all year round. I do love these bright yellow ones as that golden glow really lifts the soul, like a physical manifestation of the sun itself, but in a flower. These beauties were all well attended by a variety of flying visitors, too, not just me and my camera. These are coneflowers, dahlias, black-eyed Susan, and calendulas. Enjoy the sun!

Petal Parade

From the minute the park is open at the beginning of May, till it closes again at the end of October, I spend a great deal of time at our Botanical Gardens. The 6 hectares site—the Jardin Botanique Roger van den Hende—are located at the University Laval, and provide a wide variety of mini habitats and flower gardens, along with a variety of shrubs and trees. It’s where I get most of my best flower shots because of the constant range of flowers throughout the growing season. Even though we are spoilt here, in the city, with plenty of parks, this one is my favourite. Today’s parade of petals comes courtesy of these gardens. Lots of colourful, yellows, purples and pinks, with the odd splash of red. Enjoy!

Pretty in Pink

While I do have my favourite flowers, such as poppies and peonies, I really love all flowers. Whatever their shape or colour, or however many petals they have, big or small, it’s the fiesta of brilliant colour they bring to our lives that is uplifting. What’s better, of course, is if the flower comes with it’s own unique smell, as well, like these beautiful little Pinks. Soft, subtle and alluring.