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Pretty in Pink

While I do have my favourite flowers, such as poppies and peonies, I really love all flowers. Whatever their shape or colour, or however many petals they have, big or small, it’s the fiesta of brilliant colour they bring to our lives that is uplifting. What’s better, of course, is if the flower comes with it’s own unique smell, as well, like these beautiful little Pinks. Soft, subtle and alluring.

A Passion for a Peony

Yes, more flowers today, the last of the peonies. Most of them dying off or are dead, but a few still lingering in this humid weather. I love these flowers for their sheer variety of colour, and the fragility of their petals. Like poppies, they seem so delicate and ephemeral. Yet, the truth is, they’re quite hardy and long lasting. That’s the whites, creams and lemon … now the blush pinks, and soft peach colours. Long live the peony, my all-time favourite flower. And what’s yours?