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The Bois de Coulonge

This local park is just 15 minutes walk from where I live, and was once home to the Lieutenant Governors of Québec that is, till there was a terrible fire in the 60s, and the main house burnt down. After that, the grounds were ceded to the public as a heritage park. Welcome to the Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge! “Bordering the Sillery bluffs, Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge is one of Québec’s most unique parks. Its layout is influenced by the city’s French and English regimes and by many members of royalty. A number of buildings still reflect this rich past. Half of the park is covered in maple forest, and is home to more than 3 km of trails bordered by gorgeous flowers, berry bushes, and trees, and offering beautiful views of the St. Lawrence River.” The park has a bonus viewing-point that over looks the St. Lawrance river, with great views of the marina and, eh, the oil terminal on the south shore. It’s a wonderful park to visit at any time of the year that, because …

Petal Parade

From the minute the park is open at the beginning of May, till it closes again at the end of October, I spend a great deal of time at our Botanical Gardens. The 6 hectares site—the Jardin Botanique Roger van den Hende—are located at the University Laval, and provide a wide variety of mini habitats and flower gardens, along with a variety of shrubs and trees. It’s where I get most of my best flower shots because of the constant range of flowers throughout the growing season. Even though we are spoilt here, in the city, with plenty of parks, this one is my favourite. Today’s parade of petals comes courtesy of these gardens. Lots of colourful, yellows, purples and pinks, with the odd splash of red. Enjoy!