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Out and About

I hope everyone is enjoying the Labour Day weekend. We’ve had too busy productive days already, as my partner took Friday off so we’d get a four-day mini break together. And while Friday and Saturday turned out sunny and warm, today the weather turned damp and overcast. What better reason to sit at home and binge-watch The Crown with good coffee and Lindt chocolate. Hopefully I’ll get some photos prepped this afternoon to share with you tomorrow, that’s if, we’re not out going somewhere else to enjoy a quiet walk. In the mean time … here’s some pretty flowers.

Hot, Humid & Heavy

The weather has turned decidedly hot, humid and heavy this week. Which means no wandering around my local area happily snapping photos, or, taking side trips into town either. So today, I have a few poppy flowers to share with you, as much to cheer me up, as anything. Now, if you’ll excuse me, you’ll find me quietly melting over in the corner with something cold to drink …