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Brunch Munch

What’s your favourite food for brunch? Mine has got to be pancakes … pancakes at a certain egg•centric restaurant chain here, in Québec, that makes great pancakes and yes, French toast too. And who wouldn’t want pancakes when they’re this good, right? Let the weekend begin! Have a great weekend everyone, and stay safe out there.

Let’s Get Caffeinated!

The one thing that I have enjoyed about living here, in Québec City, is the coffee. Which, of course, implies there are any number of places to get an excellent cuppa Joe from. Small, hole-in-the-wall cafes known for roasting their own beans, on-site, with blends from all over the world. I mean, could you ask for anything more? Well, yes, food … some even include home made cakes and sandwiches but we all know, it’s all about the coffee, right? If visiting our fair city, you should try places like … CANTOOK 575 rue St. Jean 418-529-4769 NEKTAR 235 rue St. Joseph Est. 418-977-9236 LES CAFES DU SOLEIL 143 rue Saint-Paul 418-692-1147 CAFE CASTELO 807 ave. Cartier 418-523-9785