Autumn Chill

It’s official… I’ve turned the heating on.

There was no getting away with it today. It’s twelve (12) degrees out there. TWELVE! Just a couple of weeks ago it was 30 plus and we were still walking around in shorts and tee shirts. But now?

I have my jeans on for the first time since last winter, and yes, I’m wearing a blouse and tee combo. I haven’t quite broken out the cardigan… yet. The weather has definitely turned toward the cooler side and yes, when I looked out the window this morning after opening the curtains, there they were. Yellow and brown tinged leaves.

I think my hands flew to my face in a mock The Scream. Is there really only a week or so of September left? Which means October will be here and everyone’s going to be talking about fantasy books, their next spooky reads, halloween, and the dreaded pumpkin spiced latte (again).

I guess that means the summer is over and it’s official, autumn is here and it’s time to change out my clothes for something warmer, and start thinking about when the snow’s coming. Which, by the way, is usually mid-October in these parts.

sigh… okay, I give, where’s the pumpkin spiced latte?

What day is it?

Monday on a Tuesday, that’s what.

I always come off a bank holiday Monday feeling like I’ve had two Sundays in a row, and then play catch up when I realise there was stuff I needed to do on that second Sunday (which should have been a Monday) that I now have to do today, a Tuesday, while still thinking it’s Monday. But when asked what day it is at breakfast, stare blankly at the opposite wall and mumble, “Wednesday?” in a confused state.

A senior moment? Maybe. But then again, the blurring of days since covid took over our lives has made every day feel out of sorts. So is it a wonder having a bank holiday throws the ‘new‘ routine out the window adding yet another wrinkle to the debate, ‘what day is it?’

But really, what day is it?

Pumpkin Spice

… And all things nice …

It’s started. It’s not even autumn yet, and worse, it wasn’t even September when they announced it.

Pumpkin spice lattes are back. Where? You know where … we all know where … they’re everywhere, damn it!

It’s getting too early. Like fall decorations, or halloween kitsch in the middle of August just because … just because what? Damn it people, I don’t need pumpkin spice lattes in August either. Didn’t anyone memo the Star place that North America’s in the middle of one of the hottest summers on record? No? Well, maybe someone should jot off a note and tell them to come back in October. Better yet, come back when Hell freezes over.

What? Grumpy? Me? Never. I just think autumnal drinks and holiday advertising should be two days out from said holiday slot and not two months in advance. And I certainly won’t be buying a pumpkin spiced latte from the Star place loaded with the equivalent of two-day’s worth of calories.

Hell no. I value my arteries too much to see my cholesterol level jump 3 points!

And you … what … what’s that you’re drinking?

Get to Know Me

Here are my answers to the Colbert Questionert:

  1. Best sandwich? Croque Madame.
  2. What’s one thing you own that you really should throw out? An old sweat shirt I’ve had since about 1977.
  3. What is the scariest animal? Humans.
  4. Apples or oranges? Apples.
  5. Have you ever asked someone for their autograph? Yes, many times, especially at ComicCons.
  6. What do you think happens when we die? Nothing.
  7. Favourite action movie? THE FIFTH ELEMENT.
  8. Favourite smell? Fresh mown grass.
  9. Least favourite smell? Rotting garbage.
  10. Exercise: worth it? Yes.
  11. Flat or sparkling? Sparkling.
  12. Most used app on your phone? Messages.
  13. You get one song to listen to for the rest of your life: what is it? Matrix soundtrack.
  14. What number am I thinking of? 421.
  15. Describe the rest of your life in 5 words? Living la dolca vita, right.