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A place with a View

They built a new multi storey carpark and created a park around it for tourists and locals alike, right on the waterfront in the Old Port area right where the cruise ships come in. But they made the car park both a hanging garden and, a view point. Giving the roof over to greenery not cars. All in all, it’s a lovely place to park up, and hang out with your kids for a couple of hours, as there are water features in the park. Or, it’s a starting point for visitors to the old quarter, or a walk along the sea front. And yes, that is another visiting ship. The Italian training ship Amerigo Vespucci. And yes, with a crowd of hopefuls wanting to get onboard—but there’s a three hour long queue. Enjoy the view! This is all so much nicer than what use to greet the cruise ships coming in … what was, an ugly open car park. What do you think?  

Hotter than Hell

It was as hot as hell on Sunday … so hot, we had to take shelter in the Hilton for a tall, cold drink—in my case, a Shirley Temple—we were sure it was well past 40+. But before we went inside we stopped to take an amazing panorama shot of the st. Charles river valley from the observation point, which is next to the Congress Centre.