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On the Edge

So what have we been up to this long weekend? Visiting friends and socially distancing by being outside, and taking a wonderful walk around one of Québec City’s most famous attractions: the Montmorency Waterfalls Park (Parc de le Chute Montmorency) just outside of the city. Famous because it is reportedly 30m (99 ft) higher than Niagara Falls—and this is important when size matters! While it may not have the size and grandeur of Niagara Falls, Montmorency is still, nonetheless, spectacular in it’s own way and just as impressive in majesty. More over, it’s easier to get to, fun to walk around the extensive grounds, and was also the site of General Wolfe’s encampment during the battles between the British and French. So is steeped in history. I think the tourists come for the Falls though not the history lesson, plus the stunning views out across the mighty St. Lawrence river and towards the ile d’Orleans. And yes, that is a suspension bridge crossing the north shore to the ile d’Orleans (the only access in and off …

Out and About

I hope everyone is enjoying the Labour Day weekend. We’ve had too busy productive days already, as my partner took Friday off so we’d get a four-day mini break together. And while Friday and Saturday turned out sunny and warm, today the weather turned damp and overcast. What better reason to sit at home and binge-watch The Crown with good coffee and Lindt chocolate. Hopefully I’ll get some photos prepped this afternoon to share with you tomorrow, that’s if, we’re not out going somewhere else to enjoy a quiet walk. In the mean time … here’s some pretty flowers.

Playing Ball

After nearly two hundred years of being embedded in this tree, this cannonball is to be released from its prison, later this week. They’re chopping the tree down. Why, we’re not quite sure. The excuse seems to be that the tree is diseased, but ardent supporters of the cannonball tree are vehemently against anyone messing with this piece of Anglo-French history. We heard on the local news last night that protestors will be blocking the local government from taking a chainsaw to said tree. I hope they succeed. But I doubt they can stop the tree being removed. How sad to see something so old, imbued with so much history be cut down and lost forever. Goodbye tree.