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In a Bubble

Crazy busy weekend, and another crazy busy day today … so for your viewing pleasure, take a look at “Lovis” trapped in a snowglobe … yes, in the middle of summer! Quebeckers have a really fun sense of humour. And someone placed this snowglobe bubble over the statue of King Louis XIV down in Place Royale. I wonder what visiting French tourists might think?

Stand en Guard!

No, I’m not talking stances in fencing, but being on guard to fraudulent behaviour. I tried to log in to my bank account, this morning, to pay my credit card bill and, was presented with a large pop-up window saying my account had been suspended. S U S P E N D E D! After the 30 second panic attack subsided, I cleared my browser’s cache and tried again thinking maybe I hadn’t put the right account number in. But, nope, ping … the warning popped up again—written in red I might add—saying the same thing. Being persistent and trying hard not to panic further, I checked the phone numbers being offered (along with a click this link) and, not trusting either (you know, hackers!) I checked the phone numbers listed on the back of my debit card and called one of those. Well, one and a half hours later, I got it all sorted out. The alert and freeze happened, I was told, due to outside sources attempting a failed login. Well, while that’s …