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Let’s Sail Away

Being on the river, and a major river at that, means lots of cruise ships and shipping come our way. But also, on special occasions, we get the odd historical sailing visitor stop in port like the Queen Mary and the QEII. We’ve also had a full-on Spanish Galleon, a Viking long boat, and even the Tall Ships regatta visit us on a regular basis. Today I bring you the Viking longboat that visited us BC (before Covid), in 2018, I think. What was striking at the time was just how small it actually is, especially compared to the tug boat tied up next to it. And yes, this one did sail across the Atlantic. It recreated the route they think original Vikings might have taken to make landfall in Canada before Columbus et al. Have a great weekend everyone!

The Day My Boat Came In

Well, it was nearly my boat … I do have Scandinavian heritage in there, somewhere, especially on my mother’s side of the family. What we do get is a lot of unusual ships visiting Québec City. This time around it was this replica Viking ship, which sailed across the Atlantic to prove that Vikings and their ships were quite capable of doing the journey. But then, we already know they made it here before Columbus.