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Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Like an Update On

Bonjour tout la monde, today’s Top Ten Tuesday from Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl is Characters I’d Like An Update On. And, well, there are a few who I’ve fallen in love with over the years who I would love to drop in on, and get an update on their lives since I last got to hang out with them.

These include:

  • NAHRI, DARA & ALI from the Daevabad series by S.A. Chakraborty. Despite everything the author put these characters through and, of course, us, the reader, I would love for there to be one more story. One more adventure. One more outing for them all.
  • CAPTAIN SAMANTHA MOXLEY from Captain Moxley and the Embers of the Empire by Dan Hanks. She helped vanquish the bad guys AKA Indiana Jones-style and took us on a riotous, fast-paced adventure that is at once familiar and yet, outrageous fun. I had hoped Sam would end up in her own series but, alas, so far, this is not to be.
  • TAMRA from Race the Sands by Sarah Beth Durst who, along with Raia, her apprentice, is someone else whose life I would like to know more about. Did she set up a Kehok rider’s stable, did Raia ever ride again? Can we once again visit Becar, even if only in a short story, please.
  • TAMARA from In The Dark Spaces by Cally Black was a young teen at the time of this book, but it would be fun to revisit her at the space station and find out what life is like for her as a young woman and friend to the Crow people.
  • WILLA from The Phlebotomist by Chris Panatier is one of those memorable characters who stick with you long after you’ve read about events that take place in this futuristic (or, not so futuristic) novel. Not least of which because of her age and job, I mean, come on, finally an older protag who’s got one of those jobs no one ever (and I mean ever) thinks about. Willa really kicked ass in The Phlebotomist but I would love to know what came next, after those traumatic final events.
  • FLAVA DE LUCE from Alan Bradley’s absolutely fabulous series featuring this criminally minded 12 year-old sleuth, had me remembering my childhood through a different lens, as if I was her sidekick. And would love to have one more outing with her just to see what happened after we last saw her in the final book.
  • EMIL LARSSON from The Stockholm Octavo by Karen Engelmann is a character living a fascinating life set in a time (Sweden during the reign of Gustav III) whose world I would love to revisit, again, one more time, to see what happened in the aftermath of events at the end of this book.
  • TEACAKE & NAOMI from Cold Storage by David Koepp had a really fun romp throughout this fun, futuristic thriller and I would love to see what became of the pair after helping save the world from bio-terrorism.

And there you have it, my choice of characters who I would love to revisit and read one more adventure with, to see what happened next. And you, what have been your favourite characters who you would love to hook up with again?


4 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Like an Update On

  1. I haven’t read any of these books, so I’m not familiar with any of these characters. They must be memorable if you’re still thinking and wondering about them!

    Happy TTT!


    • I think we read different genre, Susan, which is probably why. And yes, these were all great characters, and fun reads for one reason or another. I thought you might have read the Flavia de Luce books by Alan Bradley.

  2. I was finally introduced to Flavia this year. I really need to visit with her again soon.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

    • I have the last book in the series on my TBR pile that I need to read, soon. I think I keep putting it off as it’s the last.

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