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Top Ten Tuesday: Minor Characters who deserve more Love

Bonjour tout la monde, today’s Top Ten Tuesday choice of topic from Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl is Minor Characters Who Deserve More Love. And what a great theme for today’s post. I have several picks in mind so, without further ado, here’s my nominations:

  1. Jean-Guy Beauvoir — Jean-Guy is Chief Insp. Armand Gamache’s second in command at the Sûreté de Québec, in the Three Pines mystery series from Louise Penny’s long running series. Jean-Guy is one of those characters that has undergone a lot of changes and yet, has remained steadfast through out the series. I love what Penny has done to this character, putting him through the proverbial ringer in a way she couldn’t with say, Gamache himself.
  2. Lotty Herschel — The always stalwart doctor features in Sara Paretsky’s V.I. Warshawski series of novels. Not only is she seen as a rock and anchor to the main character, she’s also a mentor to Warshawski. She’s one of those characters that, while in the background most of the time, features prominently at key moments to deliver a much needed talking to, homily, or word of advice to our intrepid hero, Vic. As a secondary character, Paretsky has taken the time, like Louise Penny, to fill out Lotty’s background throughout the series to make her wholy flesh and blood.
  3. Duncan ‘Donuts’ Pavone — Author Lee Goldberg has created the perfect foil in Pavone to the young, out of her depth MC, Eve Ronin, in this his latest series. And while Eve is out there solving the crime(s) and ultimately being the hero, at the end of the day, Pavone is providing some much needed wry humour, and depth to the series as Ronin’s partner.
  4. Nhi Vanye i Chya — Vanye is the indentured travel-companion of the fabled sword-wielding Morgaine from the fantasy trilogy The Chronicles of Morgaine. And it is Vanye, even as a secondary character who, in fact, tells Morgaine, and his own story throughout the trilogy. As the pair travel through ancient Gates to distant worlds on a quest to destroy the gates.
  5. Roux — Roux is a 500-year old knight who ends up being a mentor and guide to Annja Creed in the Rogue Angel series of spec-fiction books written by various authors for publisher, Gold Eagle. I read the first handful in the series written mostly be Mel Odom, who really had me hooked and intrigued on this secondary character. While Roux doesn’t feature all that much in the beginning, he then turns out to be even more fascinating than Annja herself.
  6. Any character in S.A. Chakraborty’s Daevabad series (yes, I know I’m cheating!) Her characters, as well as both her MCs, Nahri and Dara, are so well written as to be less secondary characters and more main characters each in their own right. Everyone of them has been so well described as to shine in their own way. I’m hard pressed to pick just one, so I want to shout out about them all!

And yes, that’s it, those are my picks … despite the large number of books I’ve read over the years, I haven’t read that many series or, long running series. Too many authors do not waste too much time and effort into secondary character, even when they play pivotal roles a story might hinge on, which is a shame. So I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s suggestions this week, to find some new authors, characters and books to read.


    • Alexandra says

      Thanks, Lydia, you had some pretty good ones yourself. And a few books/authors I need to check out too.

    • Alex says

      Oh, it’s a must to read all three books back to back if you can. I couldn’t put any of them down till I’d finished. And it was so frustrating for book 3 to come out at the time. Highly recommend these.

  1. Yes to Jean-Guy! He really is an understated character. I chose Ruth Zardo for my list today simply because she’s memorable and she always makes me laugh. Louise Penny really is the best, isn’t she?

    Happy TTT!


    • Alexandra says

      Oh, indeed, I don’t think Penny has written a character who doesn’t fit the bill.Even Nicole who I hated, was, as it turned out, a brilliantly written character. They all have such great flaws. I love her work.

  2. I tried to choose someone from the Daevabad trilogy, decided they all felt like main characters, and moved on. I definitely approve of your “nomination” of all the characters!

    • Alexandra says

      We have the main 4, but Nahri’s mother is so cool, as are so many that I just though why not be a wiseass and just nom them all! 😉

    • Alexandra says

      Yeah, sometimes we need to adapt the theme of the week to what we know or have read. I only came up with 6 memorable entries and then, one was a whole series of characters! 😉

  3. Regine says

    You introduced me to many new titles that intrigue me. Thank you so much.

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