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We have a Vax Passport

So it’s official, as of today, if we want to go a bar, restaurant, the gym or cinema, or anywhere where there might be more than a handful of people we don’t know, we have to show we are fully vaccinated.

Queue up our QR passport.

Which entails downloading and setting up an app for our smart phones, and, voila! We can now flash a Grand Mal inducing QR code that’s sure to scramble a few brains. Ask me how I know? The first time I looked at mine, I felt seasick.

Personally, and I can see many more people doing this, I just might start carrying my paper card around. The battery doesn’t run out and it fits in my wallet with my credit cards. Not that me or mine plan on going to any of the listed establishments anytime soon. At least not until the whole population is fully vaccinated or, hell freezes over.

What? Yes, I know watching a movie like DUNE up on the BIG screen is without parallel, and that waiting for it to arrive on DVD is going to be a bore. But I have no desire to sit in a cinema, restaurant or, even step foot in a gym, now, or for the foreseeable future while there is still a slim chance some dickwad is protesting their right to not be vaccinated.

So excuse me while I happily sit at home with my restaurant take-away, watching the latest show Netflix has to offer, safely tucked up for the winter, on my couch, with a book and blanket nearby.


  1. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader says

    You are following the Frenchies Alex! 🙂 I think we won’t be far off either.

    • Or they’re following us! Ha! Ha! But yeah, I’m sure everyone’s going to be doing it soon, Sophie.

  2. Government here is opposed here to a Vax passport for bars, restaurants etc because ‘there are enough rules already’. The only place it’s required is festivals. I’d be happier if we did follow your country rules though.

    • There have been a few who were not happy at the idea claiming it will create a two-tier system. But they miss the whole point that getting jabbed saves lives, as will a vax passport. I am so tired of idiotic people.

      I hope you’re staying safe were you are, Sweetie. Take care of you.

      • I think we could rant about it a lot more if you’d put us together!

        Even without corona I don’t have a lot of contacts or outdoor life ☺️ so that shouldn’t be a problem. Take care of yourself too lovely, I hope you stay safe as well! 😘

        • Yeah, together we can make a lot more noise. If only. Anyway, our social life is fairly quiet too, so it hasn’t been too much of a stretch for us keeping to ourselves.

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