Alexandra's Notebook

Week Notes June 10-16

Slowly getting back in the saddle as they say, and trying to find a sense of routine now I've moved to the Bear Park to picnic with the cool Bears. It's fun, I feel more inspired, and have connected with a number of people and discovered several new reads over this last week.

I also retired from #Junited2024 as I kind of started to miss way to many entries, though I continue to enjoy all the links everyone else is posting. And I wonder what Robert has up his sleeve next, as he was teasing another possible project for July.


For those of you who might be interested, I finally set up and am in the process of moving my photos over to my shiny new blog, Snap Happy. Most of the photos will be local and of the places I've been, things I've done, and lots and lots of flowers. I kind of love taking floral portraits.


During the winter, as anyone who lives here knows, it's almost impossible to do daily walks, even in summer, it can be impractical. But I'm happy to say, I've managed to keep up my walking average and have been clocking in between 9-10,000 steps daily for the last couple of weeks.

I just hope the upcoming heatwave wont put a dampener on progress so far. I just might have to resort to either getting up at early, or trying for a late evening walk.


Me and mine have given up completely trying to watch Dark Matter, Apple's latest foray into sci-fi. This week's episode hit rock bottom for me with plot contrivance. H. G. Wells did did better with this premise in, The Time Machine, than the writers of this schlock-fest.

Meanwhile, we discovered Not Dead Yet, over on Disney this weekend while trying to find something to watch and, you know what? I love it. Gina Rodriguez is dead pan in the lead roll of Nell. The short 30 mins episodes are just perfect for a snappy newsroom comedy like this. If you haven't already watch it, go give it a go.

Discovered Paper Apps Dungeon, which I know will make excellent presents for a number of gamer friends, including my OH. Thanks to Hiro for the link and inspiration.

Oh, and I still haven't started the book I bought the other week and, well, went and bought another one this weekend: Lamentations, a Shardlake novel by C.J. Sansom. I ordered it after seeing the TV series on Disney+ recently. I'll tell you what I think once I get around to reading it.

Thanks for reading, Alex