What’s in a Name?

I chanced upon a thread over on Twitter this morning where someone asked everyone what was the funniest name they’d ever come across—and, to be honest, most of them were quite tame really. But it got me to thinking about when I was at secondary school, and two others classmates, who, like me, had names that everyone teased us over.

What’s more, we three all shared the same birthday, and, as it turned out, were born within a couple of hours of one another. I mean, come on, how weird is that? Did we bond because of that? You would think so, but no, not really.

What? Names? There was Tony Longbottom (Anthony), Liz Hards (Elizabeth) and yes, me, A Wolfe.

I often wonder what the other two went on to do with their lives, after school.


2 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

    1. It was one of those really strange coincidences, but not the only one. There were two others in the class who also shared a birthday. And a few who were all within a week of one another.

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