Alexandra's Notebook

When It Rains ...

It pours! Or so it feels like. This has got to be the wettest year on record here, in Quebec City. I don't remember any year ever having this much rain. Snow? Yes. We get a lot. In fact, we get a lot of weather. But usually in moderate doses. Though it is true the axiom here is, there are two seasons in Quebec; Winter and July!

But this much rain? Nope.

You would think I would be use to rain and heavy rain at that, after all, I lived most of my childhood in tropical climes where it rained at least once a day and, during the monsoon season, it came down with such volume and force that it could wash away buildings. No, I kid you not. Oh, okay, so they were wooden shanty shacks on stilts. But still, I saw the destructive power of water when a kid, and have a deep respect for Mother Nature's fury when she unleashes it.

I just wish she wouldn't always decide to unleash it all in the three weeks every year we decide to take our holidays together.

Yes, the OH and I are on holiday and, so far, six days into our time off together, it's rained for 4 of those days. And not just a pleasant English drizzle, or the soft slightly warm afternoon downpours of my childhood, but the full-on I was once a tropical storm Beryl fury.

Oh, hey, look ... there goes Noah in his ark ... look at that, he never even waved!


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