Alexandra's Notebook

Who Knew Green Tea Could Kill?

I had one hell of a scare yesterday (as some of you might already know) where I somehow mis-swallowed some green tea. If there is such a thing as mis-swallowing, as that implies I had any choice in the matter. That tiny drop of liquid caused a choking fit leaving me all but unable to get a breath. Quite terrifying until, coughing up the offending tea, I finally managed to get a breath.

Sadly, this isn't my first time at the choking rodeo. I have had this problem my entire life. I can have two or three incidents like this one, every year. Some years are better than others. I've seen a doctor and told there's nothing that can be done. I am sure if I lived in America there would be a surgery for this. Not that I really want to go for surgery not knowing whether it would, in fact, "fix" the problem.

I'm sure I'm not the only person prone to this and don't doubt there will be others who have to deal with this in the future. The thing is trying to be mindful of the fact everything I eat and drink is a potential hazard, and to remember to take my time to chew and swallow. Something I obviously forget to do this time around, distracted.

Well, I guess I won't be as distracted for the next few months so hopefully, I'm good to go for the rest of the summer without incident. Fingers crossed.


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