IT SHOULD BE NOTED, unless otherwise stated, that Alexandra not only writes short stories and novels, but also specialises in writing situational comedies and space opera for TV and film. She has first hand experience on writing pathos, drama, and ongoing romantic disasters for any number of movies and none-existent TV shows; all of which subsequently languished in development hell. She has also hatched many a diabolic plot to blow up this week’s equivalent of the Death Star, all the while wrangling her characters with wit, dignity and, at times, the necessary farcical aplomb.

If, as a deviously fiendish writer, Alexandra meets with your current and or future project’s needs, then by all means contact her.

For fake glowing references and further inflammatory details, you can email her. Or, if you are a producer, publisher, publicist, or an agent of Satan, you can contact her by that early twentieth century invention, the telephone. You can then swap stories about all the shows, movies, or books neither of you have ever worked on.

She looks forward to hearing from you at your earliest inconvenience.