I’ve written any number of novels over the years, mostly for my own benefit and, as one would expect, as a means of learning my craft. Of course, most of those early drafts never saw the light of day. Scribbling these stories has, however, helped me hone my storytelling skills and been an outlet for my over-active imagination.

The novels listed below are just some of my WIP, excerpts of which I’ll be posting along with some character sketches and other background materials.


Welcome to the Winter Palace on Pantheon, the central world of the Imperium. Home to the Odessa, Aerian Caligisto, and to House Caligisto—the Ruling House of the Imperial Landsraad.

Come to the Winter World, though, at your peril. One false move, one misstep, one perceived insult could have you, your House, and your privileges removed quicker than your head.

Power, politics, intrigue and nefarious machinations abound here, on a world were winter reigns for several months of the year, along with the cold, distant, and calculating Aerian Caligisto herself.

You have been duly warned.


Everyone is looking for something. Answers. The truth. A meaning to life. With Deborah Levy it became anonymity. She searched out the furthest corners of the globe, and went into hiding. She wasn’t hiding from just herself and the burden of guilt she still carried over the death of Ruth. Ruth the one who’d been so steadfast in her beliefs. Ruth who committed suicide they day they destroyed years of painstaking work and research on the Code. She was hiding because of the knowledge she carried in her head. Knowledge that, if given the light of day, could have dangerous ramifications.

Ramifications which Colonel Darius Jedburgh was only too aware of. He knew the minute his boss walked into the office and announced he was to go on a ‘fishing trip,’ it meant one thing. The two operatives on shadow duty had failed to keep track of their charge’s movements and had in fact lost her. The eel had effectively slipped the net and was back in play. And more, no one knew exactly where she was. And if she were back in play, Darius knew, she was vulnerable. Very vulnerable. And if she was exposed, then so too was the whole Project.


Fiery Elemental, Arianrhod of Arvon, is chaffing at the inaction of the Council of Elementals, and finds herself all but banished to the far reaches of Bright Worlds space. The ship she Captains, the Kigva, is on patrol with a tiny flotilla of leftovers from the Fleet. When a desolate moon explodes in the Dead Zone Arianrhod goes to investigate, but can the broken woman she finds on the shattered moon offer up any clues as to what’s happening elsewhere?

In a deadly race against time, Arianrhod tries to unravel the enigma that is Morgaine in the hope of finding answers.


A tale of Shape-shifters and Aboriginal myths.

Six foot two, Jude Devine—Little Bear to her friends—is an Aboriginal RCMP Corporal with no use for the mystical. When her neat and ordered life is turned upside down after saving the life of a delusional stranger, she begins to wonder about her own sanity, never mind her beliefs.

When Wren Mitchell has a near-death experience and is offered a choice between dying, or living her life as a Walker. She chooses life. Finding herself up to her armpits in murder, and up against a couple of trickster Guardian Spirit each with an agenda of their own. Wren finds being one of the living dead nothing like she imagined it would be.


When Hari—a dealer in lies—is brought face to face with death Herself, he realises that not all the Instigators from the Punitive Wars were put to death. And not all is well with his mission. One of Kali’s daughter is alive and well and living on the dwarf planet Chandra.