Alexandra's Notebook


Alex was born at an extraordinary young age in Hanover, Germany, to English speaking parents, which confused the hell out of her. It was the year Sputnik made headlines and people were exploding atomic bombs in the desert. Not that the desert had done anything to deserve this treatment. Despite the young age of three, she sailed with her treasured Bushbaby from England to Hong Kong, a journey that took almost three months. She was accompanied by a number of big people who claimed to be her family, though to this day she still isn’t sure who they are. She does, however, like it when they send her birthday cards and Christmas gifts.

During her formative years she was hauled round the planet at an alarming rate, moving approximately every two to three years. Consequently she knows a lot about geography, languages, people, foreign cuisine and really big bugs, which she used to collect and stick pins in. She no longer has the bug collection but she does have fond memories of all the exotic and not so exotic places she visited and the people she met.

She now lives in Québec City, Canada, with her long time partner, a library-sized collection of books, and an unhealthy amount of toys. She loves to read genre fiction, watch scifi TV shows, and moan about the weather.

And yes, it's true, she love marmite!

Interest include:

Things to do before I die: