Alexandra's Notebook

In the spirit of helping others, here is my colophon:

This blog has been built, written, and is maintained by a human. That would be me. It is hosted on the wonderful Bear Blog, with minimal tweaks to the default template. My choice of font is Avenier Next, and link colour, #E80514.

The header image on my home page was drawn by a friend of a friend and depicts Little Red Riding Hood meeting the Big Bad Wolf in the forest for lunch.


This blog contains no roughage, or vitamins and is not a substitute drugs. It should be viewed only once a day as over-dosing can result in convulsions, permanent eye damage or loss of brain function, cognitive or otherwise. Should you experience hysteria, a sense of vertigo, hives, anal seepage or priapism or otherwise collapse eyes rolling back into your head, please ask your doctor if this blog is right for you.

A note on privacy and data: I don't use cookies or collect any of your data on this site. Nor do I sell anything or make any money on this site.